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About Us

Dear Friends,

If there has been a lasting institution in our family’s history, it has been a passion for the art of butchery. Although our family’s roots in the trade extend back to our European ancestors, we formally date the beginning of our history to 1957. In that year David Mosner initiated a tradition of excellence when he founded Mosner Family Brands. David realized the American Dream; transforming a business that he began operating out of a station wagon into one of the premier veal processors on the East Coast. Over time, we have expanded our product lines into premium beef, lamb, pork and game products. Today, our company has proudly come to serve the nation’s finest chefs, restaurants and retailers by staying true to our Founder’s principles:

Honesty               ·              Innovation          ·              Service                 ·              Hand-selection

In our third generation of family ownership, “It’s Only Natural” is a saying that has come to represent the Mosner Family Brands approach. Our company has established raising standards with our farmers to bring the most wholesome products to market. It has always been our family’s belief that a healthy, stress-free animal yields a superior product and ultimately makes for a more pleasurable eating experience. “It’s Only Natural” also refers to the way in which our family manages its business, specifically our quality standards. The meat in you order is always sourced and carefully hand-selected by a member of the Mosner Family. It’s the way that we were taught by our Grandfather and we pride ourselves in carrying on the tradition of a service-driven approach to our business.

Our family couldn’t be more excited and privileged to serve you directly for the first time in our history. Over three generations, we have slowly watched the landscape of our business change. Neighborhood butcher shops are now few and far between. The opportunity to find fresh, cut-to-order, restaurant-quality meat for your home is limited. With the introduction of our Art of Butchery Classes, we were given the opportunity to share Mosner quality meat with our students. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction, it became apparent to our family just how rare of an experience it is for most consumers to enjoy truly high-quality cuts of meat. Mosner Family Brands is your source for wholesomeness- fresh, hand-cut, farm traceable, quality meat.

We aim to evoke our passion and appreciation for the art of butchery in you with every order that we hand-select on your behalf. We are a family company with a long, distinguished history in this business that will continue to be driven by our sense of artisanship and pride.

Thank you for ordering from Mosner Family Brands. As always, we are sincerely grateful to you, our valued customer. From our family to yours, it is truly a privilege to serve you. Happy shopping and happy eating!



Michael, Philip, Benjamin, Jessica and Seth Mosner